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3 years ago
I wonder if her vagina is bigger on the inside.
Tut tut rose 6 years ago
The doctor would be ashamed
For all the jealous cunts arou 6 years ago
...this is just regular TV after 9pm in Britain, lol.
What 3 years ago
Is that fucking gordon ramsay
The Nineties 4 years ago
Honey to the Beehole
@ For all the jealous cunts ar 6 years ago
shutup idiot
That guy is right , no cenersh 6 years ago
This is any I love living in Ireland , UK TV after 9pm is awesome
The Doctor 2 years ago
Rose. I am not happy with you
Kanye 3 years ago
Gordon ramsey you've become the very thing you swore to destroy
sircumalot 3 years ago
shed never have to try to make me cum id cum alot